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    Three companies with a full range of solutions to meet your needs!

Martine Constant Consulting Group consists of

Recognized expertise in direct marketing, phone marketing, and quality auditing.

Martine Constant Consulting Group, which was founded in 1995, has over time built up peerless experience in the fields of direct marketing and telemarketing.

We make this experience available to businesses and organizations through consulting, quality auditing, and training courses, but also by carrying out qualitative and quantitative surveys (mystery customer surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.), implementing innovative concepts to make your staff joint authors of your materials, and carrying out special studies (market studies, benchmarking, and so on).

A 32-person team, three areas of expertise, and three regional headquarters

Our thirty-two experts are distributed among three companies:
, Telemarketing, and Quality.

Martine Constant Consulting Group is also split among three regional headquarters: Brussels, Liège, and Antwerp. This geographical distribution enables the company to carry out assignments in the country's three official languages, with each consultant speaking in his/her mother tongue.

An approach summed up in three words: flexibility, creativity, and professionalism

Martine Constant Consulting Group is a company on a human scale that constantly reinvents its method and approach to provide the best solution in line with your briefing, expectations, and business objectives.

Each assignment ends with the presentation of a detailed report that sets out our findings and statistical data ready for use as well as advice and recommendations that are tailored to the day-to-day reality of your business.

A network of partners

Martine Constant Consulting Group is an active member of various networks, e.g.,

Martine Constant Consulting Group and FactorySystems are partners.


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