Outbound telemarketing (B2B and B2C)

The success of your business on line... in the line of fire!

Identifying your target
Qualifying your database
Inviting your prospects and customers to your events
Detecting sales opportunities
Making appointments for your sales representatives
Building customer loyalty
Reactivating your customers

And, of course, selling. Our senior telemarketing agents research the most specialized characteristics of your products and/or services to get results that match your sales objectives.

Our telemarketing agents are able to achieve all of these objectives by taking charge of your calls.

"More than 9000 calls in just two weeks! The results were excellent: good qualification of our supporters, relevance of the message sent out...I was pleasantly surprised by the know-how of Martine Constant's telemarketing agents each time."


"A real sense of human relations and constant involvement by the telemarketing agents, who attended several of our events to become familiar with the product and pitch and, of course, its performance!"


"Martine Constant Consulting Group' telemarketing agents present the new features, sales offers...and identify the high-potential contacts. That enables our salespeople to concentrate first and foremost on the "hottest" prospects, without dispersing their efforts..."