Inbound telemarketing

A successful customer relationship depends on being able to listen!

Our telemarketing agents are true professionals in the art of listening. They take your incoming calls and offer your customers friendly, top-quality reception.

There are many possibilities to do this:

  • Management of an 0800 or 070 number
  • Telephone monitoring of media campaigns (billboards, press, radio or TV commercials, etc.), competitions, (e-)mail campaigns, etc.
  • Setting up a real consumer service
  • and many more.

Each of these services helps, in its own way, to speed up tracking down the right contacts, facilitate and improve relations with actual and potential customers, and, above all, free up your own teams so that they can focus on other tasks.

"In the beginning, a voice server answered the public's questions. We wanted to offer a more professional service and Martine Constant Consulting Group was chosen for this task. We found this partner to be enthusiastic, serious, and professional. And it responds with maximum flexibility when the number of agents has to be changed!"