Let’s set up tailor-made marketing projects

Whatever your sales and marketing objectives are, our experienced consultants use their multiple talents to optimally implement your strategy. Understanding your business and your environment quickly, asking the right questions, defining the operational tools you need… Their field experience enables us to make our interventions precise and perfectly adapted to your challenges.

Conseil opérationnel

Operational advice

Analysing, defining the best action plan to achieve your objectives… During the phase of consulting, we examine how to obtain an excellent ROI according to the specificities of your organization.


Market research

Etudes de marché

Are you planning to launch a new product? It is important to know if the market is receptive to your value proposition. Our experienced teams carry out quantitative or qualitative surveys and provide you with key information to build your strategy.

  • Awareness studies: measuring the number of people that recognize or know your products or services
  • Potential studies: identifying target groups interested in a new product or service
  • Impact barometers: estimating the impact of mailings, advertising or other campaigns
  • Pretests and posttests: assessing the impact of your marketing strategies
  • Segmentation studies and research into niche markets

Pragmatism, efficiency and rigour

By telephone, online or face to face, our approach is above all pragmatic. Our objective: to quickly identify the key elements that will enable you to fine-tune your processes. All the data gathered during our surveys are subject to statistical processing and rigorous analysis. The conclusions are presented to you in the form of a precise report, with priority given to areas for improvement and development.

Télémarketing Outbond

Outbound telemarketing

Boost your commercial success! We have solid experience in Outbound Marketing (B2B and B2C). We carry out marketing campaigns for products or services with high added value and we perform highly targeted actions according to your priorities.

  • Supporting market research
  • Adapting your products or services to your market
  • Optimizing your databases
  • Arranging appointments for your sales representatives
  • Revitalizing your customer base
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Analyzing the satisfaction or dissatisfaction rate of your customers
  • Inviting your customers and prospects to your events
  • Performing sales and telesales actions
  • Evaluating your competitors
  • Conquering new markets

Performance analysis

Analyse de performances

Total customer satisfaction guarantees company durability. It is therefore important to measure it objectively. Quality and image audits, mystery shopping, satisfaction surveys, competitive intelligence… We carry out a very detailed performance analysis in line with your sales and marketing approach.

Our mystery shopping surveys can be carried out by telephone (mystery calling), by e-mail (mystery mailing) or at the point of sale (mystery shopping). We select interviewers with a social and professional profile adapted to your sector. Whether it concerns private or public companies,  we can also apply the mystery shopping approach within departments or subsidiaries.

A 360-degree approach

When we visit the point of sale, we carry out a global observation of all aspects of customer reception.

  • Waiting time
  • Attention to customer requests
  • Relational quality of the staff
  • Cleanliness of the premises
  • Product layout
  • Staff dress code…

And also the emotional aspects…

We are also concerned about emotional parameters. Using the principles of sensory marketing, we examine all the elements that contribute to a unique customer experience and share with you the impressions of our mystery shoppers. Our goal: (re)enchanting your customers.

It goes without saying that customer satisfaction increases your sales figures as well as your brand awareness. After all, a satisfied customer is the best business strategy! Measuring the quality of the products or services you offer, is therefore fundamental.

Our company has been one of the pioneers in the creation of quality barometers…

We help you to determine your client’s impressions of your company through focus groups and qualitative and quantitative analyses. Depending on the results observed and their evolution over time, we propose adaptive measures to obtain the best possible indicators.

In a rapidly changing environment, market data is constantly evolving. It is therefore essential to continuously monitor the evolution of existing players and new entrants to the market. Thanks to our monitoring tools, we help you to discover and anticipate these developments.

Formations et Coaching

Training - coaching


Training in adapting to present and future challenges… Our experts transmit their knowledge and know-how in many fields to you. Our approach is practical, deductive, flexible and adapted to your reality.

  • Professional use of the telephone (telephone reception, making appointments, telemarketing techniques, etc.)
  • Commercial techniques (sales techniques, negotiation techniques, etc.)
  • Individual coaching
  • Strategic marketing
  • Quality management
  • Introducing a bonus plan to stimulate your teams in the field

Become a telephone professional

Thanks to perfect telephone skills, you can reveal your company’s image at the first contact with your various audiences. Our extensive expertise in telephone marketing has led us to create the Télémarketing Académie.

  • A complete training course in telephoning
  • Based on numerous practical exercises and regular refresher courses

An external view for the selection of good employees

Recruiting is a process that requires a great deal of rigour and sensitivity. An external view and an independent assessment of candidates is sometimes necessary to confirm one’s choices in this area. Appeal to our experts in this field!


Event management

Gestion événementielle

Organize auspicious events for your organisation. We will support you in choosing the events. We can also help you with their practical organization.

  • Implementing events and organizing panels, breakfasts, cocktails, visits to museums that interest your customers
  • Proactively distributing and following-up invitations…

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