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Hannut flyers je me fais plaisir ici

Every little bit helps… to do even better!

A few months ago, Martine Constant’s mystery shoppers toured the streets of Hannut. Their goal: carrying out audits of reception and service quality in 61 shops in the city centre. A great initiative from the city centre association to give a boost to local activity!

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For CAP48, we cultivate loyalty

CAP48 and Viva for Life, two RTBF events, attract a huge outpouring of heart and solidarity every year, with donors often very attached. And as many of them expressed their desire to do more, the managers entrusted us with a project like no other.

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Société Degotte

Degotte: “We need to shake things up!”

For 60 years, Degotte was associated with caravans. Until one day it decided to change tack. Now it is the first in Wallonia to specialize in the construction of modular buildings. “It was an emotional roller coaster for our team, but if you want to move forward, you sometimes have to make difficult choices,” says Vincent Parmentier.

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Générosité en Belgique

We have witnessed the generosity of the Belgians every year for over 15 years

The current health crisis brings out the worst and the best in everyone. Just think of all those people who work incredibly hard for us and our loved ones. And of our solidarity with people in difficulties. This generosity will certainly remain in the collective memory. It has motivated the team of Martine Constant Consulting Group for many years to use its skills in the humanitarian sector. By supporting associations in their fundraising and search for partners, we too have the feeling that we are taking care of our world.

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