Auditing the quality of reception and service
Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calling & Mystery E-mailing

Looking at the quality of reception and service from the outside...

Martine Constant Consulting Group organizes "mystery customer" surveys on your premises to assess your operations and help you to progress.

Quality reception, whether face-to-face or on the phone, and rapid, friendly, efficient reactions to e-mail queries are undeniable advantages for winning new customers and ensuring customer loyalty! So, don't wait any longer: Call in our mystery investigators to get a neutral view of your structures' internal operations!

Mystery shopping

Our investigator visits your stores or offices and acts like an ordinary customer. At the same time, he/she observes the quality of your services: reception, layout and decoration, cleanliness, waiting time, attention paid to his/her requests, quality of the staff's human and sales relations, etc. Everything is gone through with a fine-toothed comb and assessed by a grid drawn up according to predefined standard criteria.

Mystery calling & e-mailing

Our investigator - still acting like a customer - contacts your company by phone or e-mail. He/she analyzes the way your staff greet and take charge of customers via these media.

Branch benchmarking

Our mystery customers can extend their field of action to assess your entire business sector using an identical approach and identical criteria. These investigations help you to create true added value compared with your competitors by identifying your strengths and weaknesses on a competitive market.

Upon completing the study we give you a detailed report that highlights above all what you can improve, together with our advice and recommendations. We can subsequently help you to implement a bonus plan to stimulate your "front office" and sales teams and motivate all of your people to join the chain of progress.

We are members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA). This membership means that we comply with strict rules of professional ethics and can handle Mystery Shopping and Calling assignments throughout Europe, thanks to a network of highly qualified partners.

We are members of the Mouvement Wallon pour la Qualité (MWQ)

Mystery Shopping

"[...] Martine Constant's mystery shoppers help us to identify our possible weak points and correct them in the customer's best interest."


"We have a new, sharper, and more critical view of the quality of our services, the view seen through the customer's eyes!"


"Usually, we already know where our weaknesses lie...What proves especially interesting is to know how our users perceive them!"


"The mystery customer has more distance and the training necessary to observe our services through a customer's eyes, even those of a demanding customer!"


"The results out in the field are tangible. After the mystery shoppers' visits we see noticeable improvements in the way customers are received and our stations' quality image."