For a dynamic and modern vision of local life

Let's make downtown and its shops more attractive!

Are you concerned about the vitality in downtown? Our team investigates the competitiveness of the shops. We suggest concrete ways to boost turnover, to attract a new target audience and to build loyalty among existing customers.

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Boosting points of sale through a global marketing approach

  • Innovating businesses in a creative and attractive way
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Delivering summarizing and analytical reports
  • Carrying out audits of reception and service quality
  • Drafting concise reference books
  • Giving strategic support for communication and market positioning
  • Conducting street interviews and producing short videos

And afterwards? We help you to take action!

Examining the condition of your city, town our village as well as its tourist infrastructure, coming up with thoughtful recommendations… It is in our DNA. But not only that.

Travail de groupe

We also support our clients in setting up an action plan.

  • Determining priority objectives
  • Holding workshops
  • Giving personal advice and coaching
  • Providing training in reception (telephone and face-to-face)
  • Carrying out market research
  • Drafting white papers

Is everyone in your municipality given a warm and optimal welcome?

Do your citizens feel welcome? Are they aware of the different services? Are they satisfied with them? Does your municipality take sufficiently account of disabled people? …

Réception et personnel d'accueil

The quality of reception and service contribute to a good first impression among citizens. Therefore, we propose to look at the situation objectively and pragmatically.

How effective are your public housing projects?

Tenants, owners, subcontractors, partners…

Coworking entrepreneurs

Our 360° approach provides you with a precise picture of their satisfaction level and gives you ways to move forward!

Event marketing: your success from A to Z

Martine Constant Consulting Group also has years of experience in event organization::

Bureaux startup
  • Searching for sponsors and partnerships
  • Developing concepts
  • Promoting and communicating events
  • Drafting invitations
  • Organizing and following up events