Interparking: “The numbers tell the tale. This allows us to continuously improve.”

Interparking’s retention is high. Some employees have been with the company for 30 to 40 years! The company owes this to a long-term approach and a vision for the future.  But not only that. We saw that our customer is constantly questioning themself. And that changes everything!

415 000 parking spaces, 123 million customers

Founded in 1958, the company has never stopped growing thanks to its vision for the future and focus on the long term. From its headquarters in Brussels, Interparking manages 950 car parks across 400 cities in 9 European countries.

Welcoming customers is the number one objective

You might not think so, but a car park has an impressive list of quality criteria that make the difference. Cleanliness, lighting, quality of interactions with customers, staff dress… For Emmanuel Tyteca, HR Manager, “customer reception is Interparking’s number one objective”. That is why, for several years now, the company has been checking the quality of all these criteria through mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys. And it is up to Martine Constant Consulting Group to take on this stimulating and instructive task!

Bonus plan: a positive group incentive

“Martine Constant Consulting Group has sent its team to our car parks several times. If the results are positive, all employees who work there, receive a financial benefit under the bonus plan,” explains Emmanuel Tyteca.