Training and coaching

Train your personnel for continuing improvement of your services

Our direct marketing and telemarketing experts share their knowledge with you in a range of fields.

Versed in both teaching methods and hands-on practice, they can train your teams
in the following areas:

  • The professional use of the telephone (taking calls, making appointments, telemarketing techniques, debt collection over the phone, etc.)
  • Sales techniques (sales techniques, negotiating and bargaining, etc.)
  • Managing human relations (in-house communication, conflict management, team motivation, reception and hospitality), the quality of service, and incremental sales
  • Personal development (time management, stress management, setting and managing objectives, etc.)
  • Individual coaching after an audit of your network
  • Diagnosis and strategic consideration of your business challenges
  • Support on the road to excellent quality
  • Implementation of a bonus plan to stimulate your sales teams


All of our modules include theory and practice. Our trainers are flexible; they tailor the training to meet your business's specific needs and match the day-to-day realities of the participants' work.
That is why we suggest organizing one or more days of consulting on your company's "shop floor" before we begin any training. This is a way to understand it better, get a grasp of the way it works, and pinpoint things that could be improved.