For CAP48, we cultivate loyalty

For CAP48, we cultivate loyalty

CAP48 and Viva for Life, two RTBF events, attract a huge outpouring of heart and solidarity every year, with donors often very attached. And as many of them expressed their desire to do more, the managers entrusted us with a project like no other.

Unless they live on a different planet, few French-speaking Belgians have never heard of CAP48 (the solidarity operation for the inclusion of disabled people and young people in difficulty) or Viva for Life (the annual mega-event in December to raise funds to fight child poverty). Since 2019, the team of Martine Constant Consulting Group has been calling donors outside of high-profile periods.

Building loyalty… without forcing it!

Today, we can say it: it was not a foregone conclusion! The goal was firstly to thank them for their donations, and secondly to try to make them aware of the need to support projects on a more regular basis, without “forcing”.

In short, a perfect project for our teams, who have extensive experience in social marketing!

For Natalia Prud’homme, Fundraising Manager, the human aspect was extremely important: “We had already had an experience a few years ago with a business-oriented call centre. But a commercial approach did not fit! In our field, we especially need a team that is familiar with the non-profit sector and that knows how to talk to donors on a human level. This is why we preferred to work with a company on a human scale, which has a humanitarian sensitivity.”

The campaigns for CAP48 and Viva for Life are first and foremost a real dialogue with donors. “We take the time to listen to them and we don’t try to convince them to make a donation at all costs,” explains Natalia Prud’homme. “That’s why we liked working with Martine Constant. Her team is very responsive, attentive and flexible.”

2020, a rotten year?

In its 60 years of existence, CAP48 had never bothered to call its donors outside of media periods. “These campaigns, which have been carried out for two years, are very useful. Both for the project and the donors. The last one took place in full lockdown. In this case, we thought it was all the more important to maintain the link with the donors, among whom there are many isolated people. These phone calls were really appreciated.”

To the surprise of the CAP48 and Viva for Life organizers and despite the difficulties of 2020, the projects worked very well and people were once again very generous.

Here we go again 🙂

Natalia Prud’homme is excited to launch the next campaign. “We will continue to work with Martine Constant and we will even increase the volume of phone calls because we want to go further. And, of course, we always give due consideration to the human side.”

Let’s spice up your fundraising!