Market studies

Knowing your customers' opinions: the best way to choose your marketing or communication strategy

What do you customers think of the new product/service that you have just rolled out?
What image does your brand have?
What is the degree of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction?
What are customers' expectations on your market?
Are your products what the market wants?
Where are your competitors positioned? Do they have added value compared with your products/services?

These are all questions that you doubtless ask yourself already. We can help you answer them by carrying out phone or face-to-face market studies.

Various types of survey, both quantitative and qualitative, can be carried out, according to your needs:

  • Brand awareness research to ascertain your public's knowledge of your products/services
  • Studies of potential to identify the potential targets of a new product or service
  • Impact barometer studies to estimate the effectiveness of a mailing campaign, advertising campaign, or other initiative
  • Pre- and/or post-tests to evaluate the impacts of your marketing strategies
  • Satisfaction studies to get your customers' opinions about your products/services

All of the data gathered in the course of our investigations undergo statistical processing and thorough analysis. To enable you to use the results of your market study without delay, we give you a precise and pragmatic assignment report containing all of our hypotheses and conclusions.