Customer satisfaction surveys

Because a happy customer is your best ad...

"External customer" satisfaction studies

Our investigators take your clientele's pulse, whether by face-to-face or phone interviews.
Using criteria that have been predefined with you, they try to determine the sources of your customers' satisfaction and the reasons for their dissatisfaction. At the end of the assignment we hand in a detailed report that puts its finger on the elements that are felt to be positive and what can be corrected or exploited more. We sit down with you to think about ways to improve.

"Internal customer" satisfaction studies

Your business or organization's most valuable resources are without a doubt your people - provided that they feel fulfilled and involved in their duties in the positions that they occupy within your structure.

To achieve maximal motivation of your teams, we organize employee satisfaction surveys for your own staff.

We conduct a series of individual interviews of your employees in order to identify the strengths and things that could improve in your in-house operations. Various criteria are gone through with a fine-toothed comb, namely,

  • employee satisfaction (Do your people feel that they are working in a climate of trust? in the right place within your organization? etc.),
  • life in your various departments (working climate, relations within the team, sources of stress, etc.),
  • in-house communication (Does it fulfill its role? Is it backed up by the right media?),
  • the departments' attractiveness and images (Do the various employees have the same perceptions of their departments as their superiors?).