Degotte: “We need to shake things up!”

Vincent Parmentier is the CEO of Degotte. His favourite saying? “Life is for the brave.” He tells us how this is reflected in his SME.

For 60 years, Degotte was associated with caravans. Until one day it decided to change tack. Now it is the first in Wallonia to specialize in the construction of modular buildings. “It was an emotional roller coaster for our team, but if you want to move forward, you sometimes have to make difficult choices,” says Vincent Parmentier.

A great card to play

That was five years ago. Since then, the turnover of the organization has risen from € 2.5 to € 10 million. And that’s just the beginning! Thanks to its advantages (the high-quality materials can be assembled very quickly in the workshop), the architectural modular construction system is clearly in full expansion. It is even considered to be an alternative to traditional construction. By taking this gamble, Degotte is gaining an ever greater edge on the competition.

Degotte has the guts

Taking calculated risks, trying out new things, being curious… According to Vincent Parmentier, audacity and courage are expressed at all levels. During the crisis, he and his team had to discover new ways of working. They thought about how they could contribute to society without harming the company and its staff. For example, they made overnight modules and reception locks for homes for the elderly, hospitals and modules for refugees infected with the coronavirus.

A message to the entrepreneurs…

In these difficult times, Vincent Parmentier wants to remain positive: “Faced with an uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, we can freeze with fear. Or we can accept the situation and try to make the best of it. This requires agility. You have to be ready to reinvent yourself constantly, to take risks, and to remain optimistic. Life is for the brave! The Covid crisis will cause enormous difficulties, but also create many opportunities. At Degotte, we sometimes make mistakes, and that’s okay, because you always learn from them. The key is to be able to quickly question yourself and bounce back! ”






Martine Constant Consulting Group, the missing link

Degotte is preparing itself for the future by calling on our expertise. Objective: to further develop its reputation on the market for high-quality modular construction with an appropriate marketing and sales strategy. Potential and awareness studies, strategic analysis of objectives, direct marketing and communication campaigns… These are just some of the approaches we use to help the company achieve its ambitions!

In other words, Vincent Parmentier asks us to help answer the following questions: how can we best approach the market and how should we choose our priorities? “We have ideas, but not the personnel to generate leads efficiently and quickly without hiring an army of salespeople,” explains Vincent Parmentier. “Martine Constant Consulting Group was the missing link. They will do the rough work. Once we have the leads, we take over contacting the prospects.”

I would like help to develop a market